Do you express love moment to moment label and identity-free?

Chapter 176

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7:18:2020 8:14pm Saturday

1. It isn’t wrong to think of yourself as a person. You have to do that, before you’re ready for a more expansive view of yourself and understanding of the world. This kind of thinking has to be interrupted in order for something to take its place.

2. Introduce yourself as a person without labels. You aren’t “weight challenged”, “health conscious”, “traditional”, “progressive”, or some of the newer ones like “cis-gender”, “non-binary” or “anti-fascist”.

3. You live under the umbrella of love and can choose how you express moment to moment. All expressions under this umbrella are loving versions of your soul, which may in fact be some of the above things some of the time. It’s just that love doesn’t require identity stamps, which are largely for other people’s approval or disapproval.

4. You are free. You are free. You are free from labels and the expectations that accompany them. Put labels and restrictions in that box with regrets and worries, and get rid of it please.

End Time: 8:38pm 7:18:2020