Do you gauge energy rather than what characters do or don’t do?

Chapter 178

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7:19:2020 3:36pm Sunday

1. A human lifestyle driven by love all of the time will look different than the ones you are all used to. The love lifestyle does not care in the slightest what anyone thinks. The standard default lifestyle is entirely concerned with getting both external and internal approval.

2. Love doesn’t seek approval because it knows that no one is there to grant it. Love never says “no” to itself. It always says “yes”.

3. Love doesn’t knock on doors, asking for permission to enter. There really isn’t anyone to answer the door. Love has a free pass. It can do what it wants, when it wants to and how it wants to.

4. A soul may decide that a mind/body vehicle has reached its capacity level for love for the time being. If that happens, receiving more love will wait a while. It doesn’t go anywhere. It just waits to be received when the density of fear decreases enough so that there is space for it.

5. Don’t pay much attention to what characters do or don’t do. Instead, use your gauge of their energy as a way to take their temperature and see how their soul growth is going. Soul doctors only prescribe one type of medication, which is love. Love cures everything.

End Time: 4:04pm 7:19:2020