Do you remember your own metamorphosis as you share what is needed?

Chapter 175

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7:18:2020 3:46pm Saturday

1. Do you remember a time when you prayed to God about something that was unsettling to you at the time? Did you receive the help that you requested? If you did not, did this make you bitter towards God?

2. When you were studying A Course in Miracles and you requested a miracle and failed to recognize it when it arrived, did you blame God for not caring about you?

3. When you read A Course of Love and spent forty days on the mountain with me, did it give you new faith in the relationship I have with you, and the one you have with me and with God?

4. I bring up these questions at this time because spiritual relationships are like human relationships sometimes, in that there can be misunderstandings and bumps in the road if one partner in the relationship is moving from a mind-based experience to a heart- or soul-based experience.

5. Now you are my full partner in spirit, but please don’t forget your own metamorphosis. You will need to remember it and keep it front and center when you are working with your brothers and sisters. They will experience their own bumps in the road from time to time.

6. What helped you through a spiritual crisis? What resources can you share? Now that you know who you are in truth, as you stand before your sister as an aspect of God, use your power to bring what is needed. This is probably something you never had when you could have used it. You thought God was out there somewhere and never guessed that God could stand right in front of you.

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