Will you help earth be a resistance-free place to create and extend love?

Chapter 172

Photo credit  Beth Ann Skeen

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7:17:2020 3:42pm Friday

1. You could say that God reproduces itself, in order to have a multitude of experiences to strengthen itself, before it returns to itself. This is what really transpires here and on other worlds. It hasn’t always been a happy ending for some of our projects, however. Souls always return home eventually. But you see, we want the earth to be our home too. We want this earth project to be as much of our home as the non-physical world is. We want to come to the earth to create and extend love, without any resistance. The time for resistance has come and gone. Egoic identity has had its place. God created egos too. It’s just that creation always moves forward. It is love’s time to “take over” so to speak. Without this, there is a good probability that our beautiful earth project could fail. It wouldn’t be the first to do so, but we have much more of our collective effort invested on the earth than on any other project, which is why it is so dear to us.

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