Are you having fun serving, giving, and simply being love 24/7?

Chapter 173

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7:17:2020 8:27pm Friday

1. The drum has been sounded for all who know the truth to represent it fully 24/7. Everything has to become all about love. This sounds very serious and it is in a way, but we actually want you to stop being so serious. Enjoy the rest of your time here, serving love, which means giving and receiving are one in truth. Have fun giving love. If you know ahead of time that you will be entering some kind of serious situation, then determine to go in with love and lightness and come out with even more love and lightness.

2. The two states that I first taught in A Course of Love: The House of Illusion and the House of Truth are both in full existence now. However, members of the House of Truth will be called now more than ever to enter the House of Illusion to influence those inside it. You have heard of the term “influencer” on social media, which usually has to do with brand promotion, style, and sometimes political agendas. We want each mature soul to promote love by simply being it.

3. Everyone will wonder what drugs you are on to be so happy and carefree all of the time. This is how everyone can be all of the time. All they have to do is follow your lead and let go of the idea of control and having a separate will.

4. Having a unified will, immersed in love, is much more fun!

End Time: 8:48pm 7:17:2020