Are you willing to have your life review on earth in form, the ultimate goal?

Chapter 170

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7:16:2020 5:35pm Thursday

1. For practical purposes, few of you will need to initiate a search into the Akashic Records. Just knowing some cursory information about them is sufficient. We use them when we need to talk to you about something specific. They are used heavily during life reviews. We don’t have individual memory banks. All memory is shared. 

2. Life reviews show a soul when it was successful in bringing love to the surface of a character, and when the character resisted or even entirely prevented this from happening. Again, for souls, a lifetime in form is one opportunity after another to manifest love. They note areas where they would like further development and they celebrate all victories, both large and small. Life reviews are not to shame souls because souls cannot be shamed. Life reviews on earth, in form, are the most magnificent ones because souls are taking dominance over the ego at this point, and still have time to develop skills with the same body/mind that prevented love in the first place.

3. This is the ultimate goal for a soul and few have been able to pull it off. It’s a major accomplishment, to put it lightly.

End Time: 5:53pm 7:16:2020

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