Do you listen in unity, opening to communication without language?

Chapter 169

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7:16:2020 2:31pm Thursday

1. The Akashic Records function like a perfectly healthy brain in many regards. We use it to communicate with each other. We do not have vocal chords as such, so our communications to each other are always in thoughts. All of earth’s languages are known in the records but as a general rule, spirit beings do not use English, Spanish, or French when forming a thought. We communicate with each other with images. These sometimes look like short video clips, still images or pictures.

2. I feel confident in knowing that most of the readers of this text know exactly what I’m referring to because this is how you frequently experience unity. Many of you see images in your mind when we are trying to communicate with you. Others of you may primarily receive word-based language. This scribe is one who can hear these chapters and write them down one word at a time, as if we were sitting next to him and he was acting as a court reporter, where every word needed to be recorded.

3. There are some intuitives who can hear us use his or her language and can then immediately repeat it verbally, in the same way that a translator would. Everyone experiences unity differently but unity always entails some amount of communication back and forth.

4. There is a record of all communications in the Akashic Records and these records only comprise part of the Christ Mind. We know what you intend to say to us before you formulate the language to actually say it, which is why many of you receive a response before you ask the question. Our processing is thought-based and is much faster than spoken language.

5. If your brain were a tiny grain of sand, the Akashic Records would amount to every grain of sand on earth, and the Christ Mind would amount to that amount times infinity. The Christ Mind is that unlimited.

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