Are you aware that every experience, thought, expression, and intention is recorded?

Chapter 168

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1. The Christ Mind is infinitely more complex than the body’s brain. Think of a super-computer that is so large that is must be housed in a very large building. Then multiply this by infinity and you may begin to grasp the Christ Mind’s complexity, also taking into consideration that it does not take up any space at all.

2. Let’s explore the Christ Mind. You may have heard of something called the Akashic Records. An older and more simplistic term is The Book of Life. These records have a registry of every life form. Strictly regarding humans and their long history, this is an amazingly detailed list of lineage and soul assignments. Every experience, thought, expression, and intention is recorded.

3. Not only is every detail about your current “point of focus” or expression recorded, but so is everyone’s who is currently expressing here or who ever expressed here. There are registries for every plant and animal form as well. If it is alive then something is giving it life. If it is inanimate, then something gave it life. Your belt’s leather, the paper this book is being written on and the kitchen table, are all made from source energy.

4. The Akashic Records are accessed on a constant basis at our level. We use them for research and for planning purposes. They are also used for life reviews when souls disembody. We have been asking awakening souls here to have their life reviews while still on the earth, during the atonement process. The records are used for this purpose as well, but they are accessed at a much slower rate so as not to overwhelm the individual soul aspect of God.

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