Do you live as part of the tightly woven braid of the Christ Mind?

Chapter 167

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7:15:2020 8:43pm Wednesday

1. Enjoy the time we spend together. I never leave you. You are my right hand woman/man. Every step you take, I take with you. We each share the Christ Mind.

2. Because you are in the world of form, you also have the body’s brain to utilize or contend with, depending on the moment. That’s pretty much the only difference between you and me. I have a little more experience under my belt, that’s all. It won’t be long before you are each a CEO over a world that will be assigned to you, a world much like this one, a world you are very familiar with because you mastered it. The planet earth is where your souls awakened, grew, and took control of the body/mind vehicle, with the Christ Mind and love in the forefront. This was no small feat.

3. Together, we are the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies. My energy combined with Mother Mary’s energy, combined with all energies from the ascended masters, combined with all energies from the elevated selves of form, create a tightly woven braid that makes up the Christ Mind.

4. Blessed Be.

End Time: 9:10pm 7:15:2020