Will you discard all your heavy baggage and travel lightly?

Chapter 166

Photo credit David and Stephanie Salter

7:15:2020 3:45pm Wednesday

1. Please put all worries and regrets into a box marked “Return to sender”. You won’t need them where you’re going. Whatever you need will be provided and if you don’t need it anymore, feel free to pass it along to someone else. Be one of those travelers who only travels lightly, with no heavy baggage of any type.

2. Other people don’t give you this heavy baggage. You gave it to yourself. Send it back. Send it back. It’s all the wrong size and the wrong style and the wrong color. It just doesn’t suit you anymore. Maybe it did at one point, but not anymore. You are free to choose what suits you now. You are free to choose what is becoming to you now. You are not that same person who felt guilty about that thing you did twenty-five years ago or yesterday. You are not that same person who worries what people say about you behind your back or what will happen to you if you lose your job. “No, sorry, that person doesn’t live here anymore, but if you see her, can you give her this box?”

3. Loving who you have become.

End Time: 4:12pm 7:15:2020