Are you ready to act as a soul having a human experience?

Chapter 163

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7:14:2020 3:36pm Tuesday

1. Souls do not accumulate karmic debts because they don’t act against their own nature. You are a soul and not a person. You are a soul having a human experience, which is largely resistance against the substance that activates it, namely you.

2. We have said that you are not responsible when the ego fails to listen to your guidance. There are built in mechanisms in life to provide learning experiences to help egos make better choices next time. So, these experiences, which are often consequential, are commonly known as karma. What you put out comes back to you. Karma is not just concerned with fear. It works with love as well. The more love you give, the more love you receive.

3. No one really knows what types of karmic issues are at play in someone’s life, as you look from a distance. They are designed to remind someone to get back on track and refrain from that behavior if it is negative, or engage in it more often if it is positive. Souls are good at arranging what’s needed.

4. Karma isn’t much of an issue on our side of the veil. Souls are cleansed when they return to us and the character wasn’t real to begin with. The good things live on in that particular soul. Bad character traits die with the character. Drunken shenanigans don’t live on with the soul. It doesn’t carry them forward. If any harm was made during any kind of violent event and the character would not or could not make restitution, the involved souls will create opportunities to make things right and to promote forgiveness with embodied souls, who may still need these things in order to grow.

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