Do you always ask to know what is in the best interests of love?

Chapter 164

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7:14:2020 8:37pm Tuesday

1. A lot of details are being provided at this time to give all involved in our project a sense of the big picture, and a sense of the complexity behind life on earth as a human. It is only fair to each of you that we take the blinders off and not ask you to walk in the dark. We realize that you cannot actually see us so this is the least we can do. You are each a valued team member, loved and cherished. Your role is crucial and sacred. It is important to us that you each have a good understanding of what is happening behind the scenes.

2. The devil is in the details. Should you turn left or should you turn right? Should you take this job or that job? Should you continue to date or should you settle down and have children? We are prepared to steer human beings no matter what they may choose. Souls know things that humans don’t, and always steer towards answering the question, “What is in the best interests of love?” Sometimes the body/mind listens and sometimes it follows its own master. The ego frequently has its own will that demands to be followed. This clash always makes things interesting for us. It truly is like a TV show character who has a cartoon angel on one shoulder and a cartoon devil on the other. This is sometimes a good analogy: soul vs. ego. Souls are not against egos. They try to work with them, as hard as that can sometimes be. Egos are frequently against soul interests, however.

3. When a mature soul assumes control and the ego goes onto the back burner, there no longer is a separate will. A soul’s decisions are God’s decisions.

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