Are you aware that human life exists for the benefit of the soul?

Chapter 162

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7:14:2020 9:13am Tuesday

1. From our standpoint, human life exists for the benefit of the soul. From the human aspect, humans really don’t know why they are here. They make it up as they go along based on family and the larger society’s expectations. These expectations are primarily saturated in fear. Even in western society, most people are not truly free because they have so many sets of ideas that they feel compelled to conform to.

2. When souls return to the formless spirit world, they tend to continue to identify as the last character that they played. They may still feel a strong bond with souls on the earth who are still playing roles connected to the disembodied soul. This accounts for reasons why mediums are able to contact those in the spirit world. DeShawn is pure soul now but he knows that his  loved ones want to hear from him and be assured that he is okay.

3. As time goes on and as our plan progresses, humans who are fully soul identified will not need to see a medium because they will discover that they are mediums. They are fully connected to the Christ Mind through a sixth sense.

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