Do you honor all living beings as intricate projects of soul?

Chapter 161

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7:13:2020 8:18pm Monday

1. We should honor souls’ characterizations or lifetimes by remembering the love that they gave, not the times they didn’t give love because the mind/body vehicle was resisting. We must teach that everyone has love in them. Your society demonizes the dead and they live on as ghostly shadow figures. All living beings should be honored because they are intricate and fabulous projects of souls. Remember the good and forget the bad. The good things about Aunt Tilly are due to the influence of her soul and they will live on forever. The difficult things about Aunt Tilly came from her brain and they are gone because that particular character isn’t here anymore.

2. Souls have had their work cut out for them in dealing with humans. Souls already know everything I have shared and will share in this book and my other books. Again, they use the shared Christ Mind to communicate with human brains. This communication tends to be rather simple and repetitive. This is where I come in. I am communicating with the real you, your soul, by using your body’s brain. I am giving you so much information in a short period of time, much more than your soul is able to do.

3. We are one, united in Christ.

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