Do you walk the talk as a role model?

Chapter 17

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2.24.2020 3:16am Monday

1. Tenacity and diligence are required of you now. You aren’t students or even teachers any longer. You are role models ushering in the time of direct sharing of union. Not just talking or reading about it as in the days of learning, which have passed.

2. Walk the talk and let the world see how joyous representing your holy father/mother in truth, really is.

3. Now is the time for complete commitment, complete transformation into being thought free and non-reactive. These are the signs of a deactivated ego. You are now free to receive instructions from us, without resistance.

4. Isn’t that what a human life has been? Non-stop resistance. No longer. Now we are in the time of acceptance. Accept who you are and what you are, a tool of the divine. The divine in action. Leave the details to us!

End Time: 3:38am 2.24.2020