Do you trust that all your knowings come from the Christ Mind?

Chapter 156

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7:12:2020 10:05am Sunday

1. Now you have a good idea of how your new Divine Self functions as an operating system inside a human body. It uses the Christ Mind as its main source of communication and bypasses the brain. All of your knowings come from the Christ Mind. All of your needing to know questions go to the Christ Mind. “Where did I put my cell phone?” goes to your brain.

2. This is a good example of what types of questions go where. The brain is an amazing computer. It is just that it has been asked to do things that it wasn’t programmed to do, for something that wasn’t real to begin with. A person with a history, likes, dislikes, hopes, and desires, is not a real entity at all. It is attached to a body as a representation for it. Being a person or a character is a learning experience that eventually leads to the realization that the person or character isn’t you at all. When it is loving, it is part of you. When it is not loving, it is not you at all.

3. So we are re-purposing the body to be in alignment to the Christ Mind, and not a slave to the brain. Now you are a soul who has a body/mind vehicle. You are not a character or person in a body. There is a tremendous difference, because people/characters are cut off from their true power and are left to their own devices. The Divine Self/Mature Soul/Elevated Self of Form is connected fully to its power source, God, which is love, the juice that solves every problem.

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