Will you stop resisting and let your soul lead you from here?

Chapter 155

photo credit  Cheryl Andrea

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7:11:2020 8:26pm Saturday

1. We’ve come out of hiding. Since the beginning, it hasn’t been at all easy to find the truth about yourself, God, or me. Some turned to religion but the truth was so shrouded in mystery. Devout followers became experts in the religion itself, oftentimes being as blind to truth at the end of their time in religion as they were at the beginning.

2. What we are doing now is lifting every cloud of mystery that has concealed the truth, and bringing everything out into the open, for all who want to see to actually see for themselves. There are no teachers required. There is no study required. Your own soul led you to this sacred place with eyes wide open. It will lead you from here if you let it and stop resisting.

3. There is no difficult language or jargon. There are not different ways to interpret this material. It is plain and straightforward.

4. Now let us proceed.

End Time: 8:41pm 7:11:2020