Do you focus on your own soul’s assignments, not on other souls’ parts?

Chapter 154

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7:11:2020 3:24pm Saturday

1. In our new way of being in the world, the body’s brain is no longer captain of the ship. It is now a shipmate to the soul. Its power complex has been neutralized. It is now a really nice friend to have around. It helps significantly with expressive and receptive language and can do all kinds of tasks, such as research and planning for a special project or trip.

2. What it is no longer doing is telling you what and who you are. Your soul does not need this kind of interference and will not tolerate it. The soul knows good and well what and who it is. It is fed information or “knowings” through the Christ Mind, which is shared between all aspects of God. This is difficult to picture because you are each used to the concept of one brain in one body. If you can try to remember that there really isn’t separation and that each soul is part of a totality, then this may be helpful. The Christ mind is part of that totality. It does not split into parts to activate bodies as soul aspects do. Just be confident in knowing that each soul has complete access to the Christ Mind, although not everything in the Christ Mind will reveal itself to an individual soul aspect. Only what is needed will be revealed, when it is needed. Otherwise, each soul would be so overwhelmed that it could not function here, and that is something that we cannot allow to happen.

3. You know enough of our plan at this point to know how crucial it is that each soul carry out its specific assignments, and not be concerned about all of the other soul’s parts.

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