Are you always giving love both silently and demonstratively?

Chapter 153

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7:11:2020 9:36am Saturday

1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There is an image that love is always soft and gushy. It can also be tough, as in “tough love”. Love always has an outward orientation. It is always focused on others because it knows that both the giver and the receiver benefit equally in a love exchange or transmission.

2. You can give love silently or demonstratively. There are opportunities all around you to give what you already know that you have. Love produces joy, perfect health, and abundance. So, when you give love, you are also giving its fruits. You may think of love being like a very special type of tree that produces very special peaches, apples, and pears. The truth is that you will never know the wonderful effect that these fruits had on a particular individual.

3. Maybe some financial difficulties will be eased. Maybe a health concern will have light shed on it. Maybe someone will see a situation from someone else’s perspective and will be able to forgive for the first time. Maybe the recipient will start to question his identity and wonder about life’s deeper questions. You will probably never know exactly but you can certainly know that these and many, many other wonderful things will manifest from your divine gifts of love.

4. Think back at a time before your awakening process started. Try to remember a time of despair when you needed a new job, help paying the rent, help with grocery money, or just needed a smiling face. These are times when you were the recipient of love. Whether it came in the form you thought it should, or came disguised as something else, such as tough love, know that love always knows what is best in every situation, for every individual.

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