Do your choices always make you feel good?

Chapter 150

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7:10:2020 9:14am Friday

1. True spiritual freedom produces more and more benefits for all to share. Please do not confuse this love-based freedom with fear-based freedom. There are unlimited choices in fear that you are free to choose from. However, these free choices always produce consequences that increase fear, not love.

2. Unconditional love never produces a fear-based result. It only produces more unconditional love. This is a key component to always keep in mind.

3. Choices in unconditional love-based freedom always make you feel good. They always make you feel even happier and more joyous. There is no ceiling in love. There is no endpoint or period at the end of the sentence. This is why I have said that my work with you has caused both you and me to grow leaps and bounds. Giving and receiving are one in truth, so giving love always causes love to grow in both parties.

4. Love is the gift that keeps on giving. Fear spreads as it does because forgiveness is a rare practice. When forgiveness becomes more widely implemented, it will stop fear-based acts in their tracks. Forgiveness is not just a “nice Christian principle”. It is an extremely powerful act of love.

5. Keep these principles first and foremost in your ministries.

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