Do you respond to love with radical daring, whenever it calls?

Chapter 149

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7:9:2020 8:32pm Thursday

1. A life that is filled to the brim with all kinds of demands and obligations isn’t really free at all. None of you have ever truly experienced freedom in form. It has been a lot of hardship and drudgery with just a little bit of rest and relaxation thrown in. Even your holidays are stress inducing.

2. Take baby steps at first. Do you really have to do that now, or does is really have to be done at all? Does your house have to be spotless and do you have to make the bed every day? Does it really matter if there are dirty dishes in the sink? Can you learn to love a few wrinkles in your outfits? Can you form a new relationship with dust?

3. These are just a few beginning questions for someone who is starting down the path of freedom. There will be dozens more. The goal of complete freedom is to be able to respond to love whenever it may call, and you will never know when that may be.

4. Not only have human beings been deeply unconscious and completely immersed in fear, but they are usually so busy with mundane things and tasks, that they are unavailable to serve as a vehicle for love.

5. Be radical and daring because love is radical, daring, and free.

6. Here’s to the new you.

End Time: 8:54pm 7:9:2020