Do you live as an example life, blessing and sharing resources?

Chapter 151

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7:10:2020 3:28pm Friday

1. Let’s review our main points so far. You now identify as soul connected to God, more than your small earthly identity. You know that your purpose now is to be an example life as well as to bless, sow seed, and share resources. You value forgiveness and see the importance of it. You know that you are free to express your divine self as you see fit, and that you are completely free to respond to all calls for love in your own unique ways. Your sphere of influence is primarily geographical but can exceed that if you have a social media presence. Love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and the truth about identity are your main talking points for sharing experiences.

2. The elevated self of form or Christ consciousness is completely focused on sharing with others to promote their rapid development. To compare and contrast, an egoic life is primarily concerned with itself. This is the revolutionary and major difference.

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