Are you joined to spirit in union as both cause and effect, not either or?

Chapter 146

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7:8:2020 12:57pm Wednesday

1. When you are in a busy mall or an airport and you walk by someone, they will know on a deep level that something magnificent just happened. Their souls will be stirred. What is true of you is also true of everyone. One day, everyone will become cause and effect, all wrapped up in a cohesive package.

2. An awakened human joined to spirit in union is both cause and effect, not either or. Human beings feel like they can cause things to happen or experience the effects of things that were caused outside of themselves.

3. Mature souls do not experience this disjointed “if this, then that” aspect of human life. This is because when you are really feeling connected to your source, things are always good. The glass is always at least half full. It’s a much more positive perspective.

End Time: 1:16pm 7:8:2020