How could anything but wonderful things happen to an aspect of God?

Chapter 145

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7:8:2020 9:07am Wednesday

1. The future is a source of great worry. What if this happens or that happens? No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but you have the security and certainty of knowing that whatever it may be, you can choose to be unmoved. There will just be new opportunities to express love.

2. Identifying with the light field means that you know that “as within, so without” is a true spiritual principle. You will always be provided for by the universe. If something happens to your car and you need a car to do our collective work, a car will be provided to you. You will always have what you need to do God’s work.

3. “If this, then that” appears to be the law of the land, but as you know, appearances are deceptive. Teach that “as within, so without” is a true concept that can always be relied on. Again, this concept ties in closely with identity. If you are just a lowly mortal being, then all kinds of terrible things can happen to you and yours.

4. On the flip side, how could anything but wonderful, exciting things happen to an aspect of God?

5. Ponder this issue, please.

6. Know your true power.

End Time: 9:29am 7:8:2020