Do you shine as a shimmering jewel whose peace is so strong it can never be stolen?

Chapter 147

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7:8:2020 8:55pm Wednesday

1. Show yourself. Show your true divine self for the whole world to see: a self who doesn’t care in the slightest what anyone thinks about her. She is that bold in her knowing who she is and what she is. She can look at fear and know that it is lying to her. It has nothing to say. Only love speaks truth.

2. No one and nothing can take the shine away from a shimmering jewel, whose peace is so strong that it can never be stolen.

3. You, my precious gemstones and jewels, have enough strength and faith to move mountains. The love that we share is the only real thing here. It will transform both the earth and those who dwell upon it.

4. Be strong in your faith and your conviction to transform. You made the right decision, for yourself, and for all parts of God, who have not yet made that decision. They will in time.

5. Until then, continue to light the path to freedom from the past, from judgment and from all types of imprisonment. You are free, sweet child of God.

6. Blessed Be.

End Time: 9:27pm 7:8:2020

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