How can you support someone’s initial awakening process?

Chapter 144

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7:7:2020 8:54pm Tuesday

1. Take a good look at world events. The idea that mankind was capable of lasting world peace has surely been shattered. Family members, co-workers, neighbors, and members of differing ideologies usually make honest efforts to get along peacefully until someone crosses the line. The human brain tries to understand others as best as it can. Of course, the key word is “other”. Humans are terrified of each other. They just don’t understand that they aren’t really separate bodies walking around with differing agendas.

2. This is where you come in. You know what you are and where you came from. This by itself is revolutionary information. You’ve solved your own riddle by awakening but how can you support the awakening process in others? Specifically, how can you support the initial awakening process, which is that wondering, questioning that asks, “who am I and where did I come from?”

3. This is our first hurdle. We want to introduce you to yourself – one, five, ten, fifty years ago. Show yourself what a truly free spirit looks and acts like. This is the best way to plant a seed in a new initiate.

4. Be an influencer.

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