Are you freeing yourself to be You in the present moment?

Chapter 143

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7:7:2020 3:39pm Tuesday

1. Sow seeds indiscriminately. Do good works. Refrain from judging appearances because nothing is as it seems. Let today be a new creation. Yesterday is gone. Let all human identities and attachments stay in the dirty clothes hamper. Be free to be You in the present moment and express love in only the way that you can.

2. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Each of you can attest to the fact that this is anything but easy. Your brains pull you in the opposite direction of love and make all of the above listed things seem so unnatural.

3. This all gets easier and easier with practice and much more natural. It’s not as easy as learning how to ride a bike, swim, or play chess. It generally takes much more time than these things do.

4. You have invested your time wisely. We too have invested our time in each of you very wisely. Now is the time for our fledgling partnerships to blossom like never before.

5. There’s no stopping us now.

End Time: 4:04pm 7:7:2020