Are you willing to be still, to find and experience your own divine light?

Chapter 137

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7:5:2020 3:31pm Sunday

1. You live in such a noisy world with chaotic sound coming from every direction. We live and move in stillness. How can you merge the two states of being? You are becoming more and more like us. You are able to be still for periods of time. All answers to the chaos of the world lie in the stillness.

2. The formless world sounds like it may be a boring place compared to yours but it is rich and vibrant, filled with texture and adventure. The more you explore it, the more fascinating it becomes.

3. Wherever you are, whether you are standing or sitting, allow the light from our world to fill every cell in your body. Stay in this state for as long as you can and as often as you can. Explore the depth of this light. Notice that it goes on and on and never ends. What do you discover? Who do you find in the light?

4. Our world is actually made up of individual rays of light that work together to make up the whole. You just found and experienced your own divine light. The more you turn it on and explore it, the stronger it gets. It has been called the Holy Spirit, your true self, the Divine Ray and others. This is what you really are. To be in close identification with this light while you are in form is known as the Elevated Self of form.

End Time: 3:59pm 7:5:2020

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