Can you see the content, love, inside everyone and everything?

Chapter 139

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7:6:2020 9:35am Monday

1. Open your eyes. The princess saw the frog’s inner beauty when she kissed him. The kiss was an act of faith, a blessing, loving graciousness given to itself.

2. The queen however, was unable to see her own majesty when she gazed into the mirror and saw only a beautiful image reflected back to her. She only saw her mortality.

3. The princess saw the form of the frog and she saw the content, love. This is what you’re being asked to do. Be like the princess and help transform what your eyes show you. There is love inside everyone and everything. Help love to break through the density of form by having faith that it is there, waiting for you to discover it.

4. You are each like a spiritual gold miner, finding more and more love for each and every one to enjoy and share.

End Time: 9:52am 7:6:2020