Are you living in two places at once - here and in the world of spirit?

Chapter 133

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7:3:2020 3:24pm Friday

1. How do you live in two places at once? You are seen here but you dwell with us in the world of spirit. Ask us how to be of service. Where should you go? What should you do? What should you say once there? What supplies or resources will you need?

2. We take care of our own. You will have what you need when you need it, including information. Through union, you have a direct line to us. You can think of us as being on the mothership. Union is your invisible form of communication to your spirit helpers, to your team, whose sole purpose and job is to support the work that you do on our behalf.

3. Because you can’t see us, the temptation to doubt our existence will always be there, but we are the reason why you are here. We are your power. You are not only a representation of us. You are us. You are more of a “we” than an “I”.

4. A star cannot truly shine without a supporting cast and crew. We will be asking you to be a “surprise guest” in other characters’ plays, TV shows, and movies. Expect the unexpected because not only will “you” be showing up but so will “we”. The entire plot can change, due to the power of love that is being infused.

5. This why we have asked you to have your life review and go through the atonement process over the past many years. We need a clear channel so that our input will be at optimum level.

6. Stay tuned.

End Time: 3:56pm 7:3:2020