What happens when the love of God arrives in your neighborhood?

Chapter 132

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7:2:2020 8:32pm Thursday

1. Let’s take things to the next level. Remember how we used the analogy about how life on earth is like millions and millions of plays, all going on simultaneously. With billions of characters playing multitudes of roles, all learning how to love selflessly, feeling peaceful when they do and suffering when they don’t?

2. What do you think would happen when a Mary or a Jesus character arrives on set? Then what? How would something as monumental as this affect a particular play? Wouldn’t it accentuate and accelerate the development of the characters and influence outcomes?

3. If the love of God arrived in your neighborhood as a mature soul, disguised as your neighbor, how could there not be massively positive effects for everyone in the neighborhood?

4. This is what is about to happen. Stay tuned for your cues to arrive on set.

End Time: 8:55pm 7:2:2020