Do you expect the unexpected?

Chapter 134

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7:3:2020 8:27pm Friday

1. Expect the unexpected when we start appearing in your life. The more you open up to us, the more unexpected surprises will arrive. You will discover gifts that you didn’t know you had, and these gifts will grow expeditiously over time. Souls have access to things that the human mind doesn’t.

2. Maybe you will discover that you can read the energy field around a human, known as an aura. Maybe you can hear us communicating with you as if we were physically in the same space, talking to you face to face. Maybe you know things that no one has ever told you and that you couldn’t have known any other way.

3. These are just some of the fruits of spirit. The physical fruits include abundance, perfect joy and perfect health. These are your birthrights. They don’t cost anything except the willingness to receive them.

4. Bless you. Your willingness will be magnified beyond belief.

End Time: 8:43pm 7:3:2020