Will you use your power to speed up the process of awakening?

Chapter 127

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6:29:2020 3:03pm Monday

1. When you minister to another aspect of God, ask for miracles and then simply say “What can I do?”, “what do you need?” They don’t need to know what you’re actually doing behind the scenes and that you’re creating a love tsunami. People are growing tired of “thoughts and prayers” and really question whether prayer works at all.

2. Traditional prayer is usually begging and pleading that something be fixed. If nothing is amiss, then what we need to do is bring comfort and to bring a new way of thinking about the situation, an eventual acceptance and peace. Our form of prayer is an extension of our spiritual gifts. Your spiritual partners on our side of the veil can bring comfort in ways that you cannot. This is why we say that living this way is a true partnership in unity.

3. If your presence and influence can prevent a tragedy, so be it. It may help an individual’s soul to have time to grow and develop before a tragedy is the only way that learning can occur.

4. If you are a teacher in a school, it is in the student’s best interest to allow you to mold and shape their behavior in the classroom before you have to involve parents or administrators.

5. You are each a catalyst. You can prevent suffering, and you can ease suffering after the fact. With both of these actions, you can use your power to speed up the process of awakening.

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