Do you soak up spirit in the morning before starting your day?

Chapter 128

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6:30:2020 3:54pm Tuesday

1. Take your time in the morning before you start out for the day to really ground yourself in spirit. Soak us up and take us wherever you go. The world has a knack of inundating you with all of the myriad of problems from the separation. Remember, the separation is the one and only problem. Everything else is an effect of the separation, which never really happened and is quite impossible. You cannot be what you aren’t. What you are in truth is an aspect of God. You have a body to experience the world of form, and an operating system that is riddled with perceptual errors. Multiply what you have experienced as a “person” times the billions that are here at any given time and you can see the scope and scale of the problem.

2. I have taught that the separation is not real and yet your world has seen the disastrous results of this mistaken belief. Not only is there a separation between God and man but between individuals and communities of individuals, and it has always been this way, since the start of the earth project.  For all intents and purposes there is large scale and small scale separation here, and healing it is both time and labor intensive. You have only your own experience to testify to this.

3. This situation is a paradox and yet we are in desperate need of your faithful assistance in showing the world that separation is perceptual only. You are needed to show union and to show that it is the only real thing here.

End Time: 4:19pm 6:30:2020