Are you sharing your gifts of love as informed by spirit?

Chapter 126

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6:28:2020 2:40pm Sunday

1. You are never alone in a room. You are the visible representation of an entire team. You do not have to just rely on yourself. Put us to work. We can’t mop the kitchen floor for you but we can inform you. You can share with us. We are well connected. If you are concerned for a specific someone’s health and well-being, tell us. We will pass your love on to that person’s team. Let’s call this “prayer on steroids”. The more love that is infused into a difficult situation, the more likely that there will be a positive outcome. The person has to be willing to receive your gifts of love but they will never be wasted. They will sit under the Christmas tree until it is time to unwrap them. Christmas is not just on December 25th. It’s on every day of the year, every hour, every minute, and every second. You are that powerful and it doesn’t cost a penny.

End Time: 2:56pm 6:28:2020