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Chapter 125

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6:27:2020 3:59pm Saturday

1. We begin this day by reflecting on where we’ve been, where we’ve gotten stuck, and how to move forward. Maybe some of you come from a religious tradition and some of you were raised without religion, either heavy or light versions of it. Then, maybe you turned into a seeker and looked off the beaten path for life’s truth. Maybe you felt like you found something that resonated with you and then you thought of yourself as a “spiritual” person, something that has different meanings, depending on who you ask.

2. Just like it is difficult for many religious people to put religious principles into action, so it is with many spiritual people. They have trouble moving past the “feel good” aspect to actually doing something with their knowledge.

3. So, here we are with millions of dedicated religious people and spiritual people and angry secular people, all of whom don’t really know what direction to go in or how they can truly make a difference in the world.

4. In other words, the world is stuck. The world has these massive bodies of passionate people who are unable to get to the root of any problem in order to actually solve it and stop talking about solving it.

5. If this describes you and the people you know, then know that everyone is on a crashing jet airliner. Grab your oxygen mask and then help others with theirs.

6. Leaving the world of ideas and perceptual identity to be a free flowing free spirit, connected to all and free as a bird to indiscriminately bless others, is the answer everyone has looked for and no one has really been able to put into practice.

7. We do not seek to create more religious people or more spiritual people or more secular people. We only seek to create people who don’t believe that they are people.

End Time: 4:39pm 6:27:2020