Can you rejoice in the gift of all things both pretty and ugly?

Chapter 124

Photo credit  Jane Puryear

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6:26:2020 3:33pm Friday

1. Let’s erase unhappiness from the world. Start with yourself and look around you. Love and appreciate everything around you. They are all gifts, both the pretty and the ugly things too. The “I wish that didn’t happen” reminders are probably better teachers than your collection of designer handbags.

2. “You” required each and every fiber of these things and these events, over and over and over until this “you” that we are talking about started to search for truth, for the substance underneath it all. This led you to me. My teachings are in every form, however obscured they may be.

3. The old “you”, the small self, vanished like a poof in a magic trick, something that was never really there to begin with, only to reveal something much more amazing. The beauty, grace and intelligence behind the mystery is what you really are. It’s so vast that it really cannot be grasped by the human mind that is so used to looking at all things great and small by defining them, and limiting their scope so that the small, little brain can judge it, and categorize it.

4. You are not a man or a woman, a this or a that. You are everything and nothing in particular.

5. Blessed are the meek in spirit for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Rejoice in all things your heavenly Father/Mother/Divine Source of all creation has given to you, to help you to return home to them, while you walk the earth on your victory lap.

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