Do you enjoy simple things within an awareness of life’s vastness?

Chapter 123

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6:25:2020 4:20pm Thursday

1. There is a way to live on the earth in a deep, vast way. You “get” the big picture and that you are the big picture, but you can enjoy the simple things on the surface too. You can talk about the weather with a friend or have a cup of coffee and a doughnut. You can do both and you can do them at the same time.

2. Living in a deep way is to see the big picture and to really understand your role, which is to be a blessing to others, and to help them find their own vastness and their own connection to it. Help them to find their own creative ways to respond to the vastness, to the connection of everything to everything.

3. This is entirely different from walking around in the dark and not really knowing who you are, or who anyone is, or what anything is for. The world has been in this stage of disconnect since humans first appeared on it. It’s just been “make it up as you go along”, and then some of the made up beliefs stuck around and are especially hard to get rid of.

4. What are we and how did we get here are the questions everyone wants to know on some level. Now that you know the answers to these deep questions, perhaps you can find ways to share.

5. Share how you relate to the deep aspects of life by not only talking about them but being an example of a deep sea diver who still needs to come up to the surface for air.

6. Life is not about working at a job you hate, paying bills, and collecting objects to dust.

End Time: 4:50pm 6:25:2020