Are you ready to stop hiding and light up as an aspect of God?

Chapter 122

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6:24:2020 3:00pm Wednesday

1. What does faith mean? Faith is a deep knowing of certainty. Faith is knowing who and what you are in truth. The false identity led you to this sacred place in truth and for that we are eternally grateful. It was all for a reason. It had great purpose. The character you played this time around was performed so brilliantly that it itself became your teacher and pointed the way home. “Not here” it said. “Hotter”, “Hotter”, “On fire” it finally said when you discovered your true self, when it was hiding in plain sight all along.

2. You can’t go backwards. There are no hiding places anymore, and really, why would you? The game of “hide and go seek” is over. Now it’s time to stop pretending. Stop playing games. You are an aspect of God, a child of God, a mature soul, the elevated self of form. No labels are required. Your job is now to light up and show the way to the exits. The play is over.

3. Now, let the true living begin!

End Time: 3:20pm 6:24:2020