Will you let it all go and begin again?

Chapter 121

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6:23:2020 4:00pm Tuesday

1. Let it all go and begin again. Everyone did what they did or said what they said because of not knowing any better, and more importantly, because of not knowing how to know any better. Therefore, it was done from a place of innocence. This applies to you too. Breathe and begin again. You may have to do this several times an hour in some environments. There are some tough customers out there. You may even be one yourself but if you’re reading this, then you’re learning how to make the clouds and weeds dissipate and live here differently.

2. Now what? How can you celebrate your relationship with God by walking the walk and talking the talk? How can you be of service to love and to your sisters and brothers? Do you act like a religious person or do you stop acting altogether and just be yourself? The latter is what we ask of you and of everyone. Just be yourself, free of past, free of guilt, free of worry, and full of love.

3. Be an individualized expression of love. Be helpful and do no harm. You represent a mighty powerful army of companions.

4. We are with you always.

End Time: 4:22pm 6:23:2020