Can you bravely teach love in the court of public opinion?

Chapter 118

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6:20:2020 3:07pm Saturday

1. The ancient texts predicted a time of upheaval and the return of Jesus Christ to save humanity from itself. You are in a time of upheaval but I will not be returning in form to save you. Humanity must use my teachings to save themselves.

2. My modern teachings went into much greater depth than what survived in the New Testament, but even those are excellent starting points. Love everyone and do not judge anyone. If you can put these concepts into practice on a daily basis, you will not only bless yourself but you will be a great blessing to the world.

3. Simple things like these seem easy on Sundays but not so much the rest of the week. I did not teach to love all; except those you disagree with. This seems to be a sticky subject.

4. Love and judgment are relatively simple concepts compared to those of the false self, thoughts, and the truth about identity. These must also be taught during these turbulent times. The question remains, who is brave enough to teach them in the court of public opinion?

5. Will you?

End Time: 3:31pm 6:20:2020