Are you ready to be in the deepest part of the ocean?

Chapter 114

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6:16:2020 3:28pm Tuesday

1. Atonement is an old fashioned or “old school” term, but its true meaning is very applicable to today’s modern world. It signifies the end of the separate self, and being at one with source. It’s when God looks like you. It’s when every thought and every movement reflects the Will of God, which is unconditional love. It’s when there  are no conflicting thoughts to love. It’s when there is no separate will. It’s when you are in the middle of the deepest part of the ocean and there is no land in sight. The water is what sustains you. It’s when you don’t remember when you didn’t live like this; those years, decades, and lifetimes of struggle. It’s when you have stopped looking for a god to connect with because you have discovered that you are a magnificent part of God and it’s been this way all along. It’s just that you didn’t know it. Atonement is the end of the hero’s journey. Atonement is crossing the finish line and turning around to cheer on everyone else still in the race. Atonement is discovering life’s big, giant, and well-kept secret. Atonement is knowing that each and every person is born with the keys to the kingdom, the keys to unlock the secret, but they just can’t find them. Life is designed to keep the location of the keys obscured but atonement ensures that clarity will prevail.

2. Here’s to you, child of God! Here’s to you! Job well done!

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