Do you judge people as a friend, foe, or neither (yet)?

Chapter 113

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6:15:2020 2:23pm Monday

1. As it stands now and as it has always been, when you see someone you know or someone you don’t, you judge them as a friend, foe, or neither (yet).

2. In the future, when your soul has reached maturity and your soul’s divinity permeates every fiber of your being, then you will see others as different reflections of yourself. There may be a delineation of differing levels of maturity from one soul to another, but that’s only discernment.

3. Relationships between a mature soul and a developing soul will be entirely friendly, supportive, and loving. There will not be enough fear present to see anyone as a “foe”. It won’t be possible. Mature souls are not competitive, so no one will be less than.

4. The focus moves from survival, from “me first” to entirely being about sharing and serving. This of course, will produce  a world that is so extraordinarily different from the current one, that it will make everyone share a collective gasp.

5. Please know that I am not describing some fairy tale or fantasy utopia. I am describing a condition that is yours to enjoy right now in this moment.

6. See yourself flooded with light and allow the clouds to dissipate. In this moment, you are at one with God and with all of creation. This is unity. This is when there is no “you”, separate and alone. There is only God, in service to God.

7. “Light up” like this as often as possible. Over time, this new identity will gently shine away the old one. Please let this transformation happen. One person at a time being consumed by the light of God, will produce the new earth.

8. In love …

End Time: 2:52pm 6:15:2020