Do you always take the high road?

Chapter 115

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6:17:2020 3:05pm Wednesday

1. You can live at the top of the mountain. You can go to the town periodically to get supplies and conduct business. You are aware of who is doing what to whom, and who is being blamed, tried, and imprisoned. Yet somehow, all of this doesn’t affect you as it once did. You see it for what it is and most importantly you see through it. It doesn’t have the power to move you from your peace, as it once did. You remember conflict well. It can be surpassed. When you live at the top of the mountain, you know that there really isn’t anyone to have conflict with.

2. There are fictional characters who believe heart and soul that they are real. They will even fight to the death to prove it, if you dare to cross them. But, at the top of the mountain, you have finally come to the conclusion that you aren’t a character in a play and never have been. You are life itself, giving animation to each and every character. You are part of the source of all.

3. At the top of the mountain, you always take the high road. The low paths are seen clearly for what they are, never ending circular paths that are fruitless.

4. Looking at the city of lights from a safe distance is a beautiful sight indeed.

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