Can you love everything about yourself?

Chapter 105

Photo credit ‘Sunshine’ Greta Johnson
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6:9:2020 6:57am Tuesday

1. Hop on your horses and let’s ride. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s explore ways to be fearless and 100% loving. Let’s love everything about ourselves. Let’s start there.

2. Love how you express your soul’s divinity. Love how you dress, how you interact with others, how you’re always ready and willing to lend a hand or to listen, to really listen deeply to the concerns of others.

3. Love your “flaws”. They are beautiful creations in their own right. Take more words out of your vocabulary, such as the word “wrong”, and all of its synonyms. Discover what’s right about anything and everything. All roads lead to home eventually.

4. Be a divine queen in the morning, a divine king in the afternoon, and a combination of both in the evening. Let yourself express yourself. You were really the only one preventing it all along.

5. This is why you came here, to be free to express love as only you can. Open up a container of your favorite beverage and let’s have a toast; to the expression of love!

6. Cheers and many blessings.

End Time: 7:25am 6:9:2020