Do you always want the best for all involved?

Chapter 111

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6:13:2020 2:19pm Saturday

1. Choose peace in all things. Be neutral. Be non-judgmental. Be a pacifist in the face of violence. Ask the man who robs you if he would like more. Love is the only weapon you need. It will protect not only you from harm but everyone else as well. The fighter doesn’t need your angry fists. He is asking for your blessing. This is what he seeks and doesn’t know it. It isn’t a fight. Violence only brings more violence. Your history shows you this.

2. Who is right and who is wrong? Which set of ideas is more virtuous? Does fighting make one individual or group right, and one individual or group wrong? Both are misguided.

3. Countless men in fighting contests have prayed to me to protect them and help them “win” by beating their opponent unconscious. This is how twisted human reality really is. There are no opponents in love.

4. Human experience is largely driven by layers and layers of competition, and competition isn’t love. Love is always cooperative. Love always wants the best for all involved.

5. Not only do you want to know who is the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, but also who can make the best cupcake on TV.

6. It’s a very strange world you call home. Know that this isn’t really home for you or for anyone. We are sounding the alarm and calling everyone home again. We are asking that you bring our true perspective of love to everything you do.

7. Waiting for your return …

End Time: 2:46pm 6:13:2020

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