Are you able to observe all the unfolding drama in neutrality?

Chapter 110

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6:12:2020 6:58pm Friday

1. It’s hard to watch events unfolding in your world and resist that very powerful temptation to get pulled into the drama surrounding the events. The drama is comprised of human thoughts, judgments, and fear about a particular event. There may be a consistent and powerful message embedded in the drama that you are a “bad” person if you aren’t outraged, and don’t want to sign up on the list of popular opinion to fight a specified “evil other”.

2. We need you to stay relaxed and be peaceful in words and actions. Send waves of love to the outraged and the “evil other”, to heal their thoughts that separate one from another. Underneath the yin and yang of form, they are the same. Things are not as they seem.

3. Only the players involved truly know the content of the event they created. Some are blind to content for a very long time. Humans take sides and look for good and bad in conflict ridden situations.

4. Soul driven entities observe everything in neutrality. You will be needed to model this in all things.

5. Remember this please.

End Time: 7:22pm 6:12:2020