What do you see smell hear feel when you breathe and sit awhile?

Chapter 104

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6:8:2020 2:36pm Monday

1. What is your reason for being here? Have you enjoyed all of the rides and eaten all of the carnival food enough times that you’re ready to experience the amusement park that is life, in a new and completely different way?

2. If so please get out of line, go to the nearest bench and sit awhile. Breathe. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you taste? How does the air and sun feel? This is what is known as reality. It is happening right now.

3. When you were waiting in line and you weren’t really enjoying the experience of being in a line, and you were complaining about how long it was taking, and about how crowded the park was, and how inconsiderate other people in line were being with their language and behavior, then this is what is known as illusion. It is when you were lost in thoughts and judgments about what is happening right now, which is the simple act of standing in line.

4. With practice, you can learn to turn off all of your illusionary thoughts and experience life in a very real way, without all of the stress that added thoughts bring to the experience.

5. Let go of the past and don’t worry about the future. Just enjoy what is showing up right now in this moment. Then, enjoy what shows up in the next moment.

6. This is how you can live life in a brand new way and actually let life live you.

7. Peace and love always.

End Time: 3:02pm 6:8:2020