Do you teach your children responsibility without shaming?

Chapter 103

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6:8:2020 5:51am Monday

1. It’s showtime. Love everyone no matter what they may or may not have done. Blame no one for their circumstances or for doing something that you say that you would never do. Start to eradicate blame and shame. This is where policing is born.

2. Teach your children about responsibility and consequences for certain actions but don’t shame them when they fail to meet the mark. Children who don’t experience shame are less likely to extend it and will teach their children without using it as a weapon against them.

3.. Take of your masks and stop playing roles. Be real with each other. Love is open and nurturing. Let your soul begin to express itself on a daily, moment to moment basis. Stop stifling and censoring it. Souls live here but are not usually allowed to participate. They were the original group to be discriminated against. So many here are unfamiliar with the soul. They don’t even know it exists.

4. People exist because the souls exists. People are actually souls in disguise. What are souls? Aspects of God that change and grow over time and in sometimes very difficult circumstances.

5. Instead of seeing this kind of person or that kind of person, start seeing everyone as an aspect of God, everything as an aspect of God. This kind of seeing is true vision and cannot produce the type of catastrophic results from not seeing this way.

6. Be soulful in the world. Let it express itself without the brain’s interference. Use your brain strategically but don’t let it fool you into only seeing what your eyes show you, without also seeing what your eyes do not show you.

End Time: 6:32am 6:8:2020