Will you promote peace by being peaceful?

Chapter 102

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6.7.2020 2:06pm Sunday

1. Promote peace by being peaceful. There is no one to blame. The egoic consciousness brought us to this place but only love will show us the way out.

2. Until all interactions between individuals and groups of individuals become selfless and loving in nature, the conflict here will continue to intensify.

3. Lighten your load. Support food pantries. Support raising the minimum wage toward more income equality. Support non-profits that serve others. Be willing to listen to radical ideas. They may grow to the point where law enforcement agencies evolve into love enhancement agencies. Now is the time.

4. Teach only love, unconditional and without any qualifiers. This moment is a gift. What does the collective do to punish and treat harshly those in its midst? Why do you put a mother or father in jail and then punish both them and their children, who are forced to grow up without the parental guidance they need?

5. Support the questioning of everything. The answers are here, in plain view, underneath the clouds. Choose only love.

6. Talk about what you are for, not what you are against. This is how love can use you as an instrument of change from harshness to softness in all aspects of your society.

7. Be a thought leader. Show what loving thoughts look like. Be positive and shine light on the negative things in your society that fear produced. This is the start to the way out of inequality.

End Time: 2:51pm 6.7.2020